Bermuda’s new boutique all-business-class airline chooses Ink to handle operations across four locations.

ALICANTE, SPAIN – New airline BermudAir is now selling tickets, and Ink Innovation, a travel technology provider, is providing Ink Departure Control System (DCS), Load Control and Web Check-In. BermudAir is Bermuda’s first airline and is an all-business-class carrier based at L.F. Wade International Airport.

“We are excited to partner with Ink to introduce their ecosystem of solutions to our airline operations. Ink’s technology is recognised as the perfect match for a new airline’, said George Henderson, Chief Experience Officer at BermudAir. “As a newly launched company, it is crucial for us to adopt flexible technology that can readily adapt to changing market demands. We are confident that Ink will provide us with the tools we need to streamline our passenger and baggage operations throughout our network.”

BermudAir began selling tickets for its three direct routes between Bermuda L.F. Wade International and Boston Logan International; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International; and Westchester County Airport in New York, on Thursday, August 31. BermudAir is served by Ink’s Desktop and Mobile DCS and Load Control solutions at all four locations.

The first flight took to the skies September 1, 2023, and BermudAir will be flying to all three destinations by September 22. A licence to fly was only granted July 26, following approval from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) for an Air Operating Certificate (AOC).

A phased introduction sees BermudAir’s Embraer E175 aircraft begin service with an 88-seat configuration — but only 44 seats sold for each flight. Following delivery of its new suites on November 1, the aircraft will be configured with just 30 seats.

The collaboration between BermudAir and Ink enables BermudAir to better manage passenger and baggage operations and on-time performance, enhancing the travel experience for its high-end customers.

Ink is providing BermudAir with Ink DCS and Load Control software, including a suite of desktop and mobile applications. They enable BermudAir staff to manage passenger check-in, boarding, and baggage handling faster and more efficiently using automation. BermudAir will use Ink’s Departure Control platform, connected to its hosted Go7’s Passenger Service System (PSS). This integration enables BermudAir to simplify passenger bookings, reservations, ancillary sales and ticketing. Ink Load Control lets them manage the weight and balance of the aircraft and optimise fuel consumption.

‘With the arrival of BermudAir, travelling to Bermuda from the US for an unforgettable island escape becomes much easier. We are delighted to be working with the team from BermudAir and look forward to supporting them on what promises to be an exciting journey, opening up new experiences for business passengers’, said Blaine Powell, the Chief Sales Officer at Ink.

BermudAir’s partnership with Ink Innovation comes as the airline industry looks to adopt innovative technologies to enhance customer experience and streamline operations in a post-pandemic world.

Ink DCS is a cloud-hosted departure control platform capable of running across a range of devices. It combines plug-and-play Web Check-In, Desktop DCS, Disaster Recovery, Ink Mobile, Kiosk Check-in, and Bag Drop in a single connected ecosystem. Ink DCS processes over 50 million passengers annually on thousands of check-in desks at more than 250 stations worldwide. Ink Load Control helps reduce fuel burn by providing real-time weight assessment and load management. It improves on-time performance by allowing more accurate airspeed estimates ahead of takeoff.

Source: Travel Daily News

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