A new airline called Bermudair aims to launch operations from Bermuda with permission from the United States Department of Transportation.

A story on the website One Mile At A Time said, “A company named Bermudair has filed with the United States Department of Transportation, requesting a foreign air carrier permit. The airline startup wants to launch operations as soon as permission is granted.

“Bermudair intends to initially fly two leased Embraer E175 aircraft. The planes have the registration codes VQ-BLU and BQ-BLW, and these are both roughly 10-year-old planes that used to operate for Flybe [which has gone out of business…twice]. The planes do indeed show as having already been transfered to Bermudair, which is interesting.

“Even more intriguing is that Bermudair intends to configure its E175s with just 30 business class seats. For context, while operating for Flybe, this plane had 88 economy class seats, so capacity will be cut by nearly two-thirds.

“The airline has named three initial routes, as it intends to fly from Bermuda to:

  • “Boston [BOS] — once per day, 6x weekly
  • “Fort Lauderdale [FLL] — once per day, 6x weekly
  • “White Plains [HPN] — twice per day, 6x weekly”

A FlightGlobal.com story said, “Start-up regional airline Bermudair is planning to fly from Bermuda to three US cities in Florida, Massachusetts and New York, starting with two Embraer 175s.

“On 5 May, the carrier filed an application for a foreign air carrier permit with the US Department of Transportation (DOT), outlining an operation that would conduct both scheduled and chartered flights between the USA and Bermuda. The airline says the aircraft will be outfitted with 30 premium seats.

“Bermudair proposes to fly six days a week, twice daily from Bermuda to New York’s Westchester County airport. In addition, the airline has applied to fly six days a week to both Boston and Fort Lauderdale, each once daily.”

Source: Bernews

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